Where the Italian countryside meets Missouri wines

Our Story

Villa Antonio Winery was opened in 2001 by Antonio (Tony) and Fernanda (Nanda) Polesel as a celebration of their love for the old country (Italy).Their families emigrated to the United States in the 1950’s from Italy. Tony was from the Trevizzo region and Nanda from the Istria region of Italy. The Hill, St. Louis’ Italian community, gave both Tony and Nanda a tie to their Italian roots.

After retirement, Tony recalled the Italian countryside and the homes with small family vineyards from which house wine was made. Villa Antonio Winery was established as place with a uniquely Italian experience – warm hospitality, a beautiful countryside setting, authentic Italian foods, and of course, Italian inspired wines.

Tony planned and planted the vineyards himself. He began making his wine with techniques he learned as boy helping his father make wine in Italy. Within a couple years of opening in 2001, Nanda joined Tony and began offering authentic Italian cuisine from her native Italy. Our kitchen has transformed from simple fruit, cheese and salami trays sourced from the Hill into a full scratch kitchen preparing hundreds of lunches during our daily hours to hosting elegant multi course dinners for weddings and other special events.

Their son Thomas joined in 2005 and Villa Antonio Winery has continued to grow with expansion of their facilities and grounds while increasing and modernizing wine production. Villa Antonio Winery over ten acres of vineyards including native varietals and French-American hybrids. Native varieties include Norton, – the state grape which has small, intense fruit similar to Cabernet Sauvignon – and our French-American hybrids include Chambourcin, Seyval Blanc, Cayuga White, and Traminette.

With the addition of Sandy Valley Brewing Company in 2020, Villa Antonio Ltd is now a complete family of companies offering hand crafted wines, locally sourced microbrews, and Italian inspired cuisine.

Tony passed away in 2019 but he continues to be ever present in the vines he planted and the vision that started Villa Antonio Winery. We welcome you to experience Italian hospitality in the Missouri countryside.